Vision and Mission


Biomap project's mission is to reduce dependence on conventional fossil fuels and transition to using renewablt, suitable energy sources.

To Achieve this, we are investigating existing and potential substrates in Ostrobothnia region for the production of biogas. And in order to have quality biogas produced, pre-treatment methods are studied. Meanwhile, we are researching on technologies to upgrade biogas into biomethane. This will promote the utilization of renewable energy sources. It will also provide a starting point for interested parties to further research biofuel.



Mapping of Substrates in Ostrobothnia


Possible substrates could be:


  • Sewage sludge

  • Crops

  • Slaughter house residues

  • Bakery waste

  • ...

Biogas Upgrading Technologies


Interesting technologies could be:


  • Water scrubber

  • Membrane seperation

  • Pressure swing adsorption (PSA)

  • ...


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